Professional Photo Editing



Over my long photographic career I have edited images for magazines such as Soggybones (surf photo editor), I am the current Photo Editor for 18 Seconds Magazine and the Elements Journal. Along with my images and a number of select photographers (as clients) thats an incredible amount of experience I can provide to supply a quality editing service for your wedding imagery.

Culling Your Images

I do not provide the service of "culling" your images, even with hundreds of weddings as a photographer, I believe the final selection is for the photographer alone because they are the ones that have experienced the "feeling" of the day, my job is to take that feeling and edit to the required taste, freeing you to concentrate on your next wedding job.

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0-250 / $275

251 - 500 / $315

501 - 750 / $355

751 - 1000 / $395

1001 - 1251 / $435

1251 - 1500 / $475

1501 - 1750 / $515

1751 - 2000 / $555

Based on supply of images (GST not included)

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Supply of Images

I will create a dropbox folder we both share.

Once culled create a seperate lightroom Catalog in the bride and grooms name and import images (Tick smart previews box).

Send me the newly created Catalog via our dropbox folder (including all folders with in the catalog. I will edit the smart previews images to taste.

Once the edited catalog is ready ( 7 day turn arounds ) I will then notify the photographer, then its simply replacing the original catalog with the new edits and all your raw files will become print ready for your wedding client. ( The style of editing is personal and worked out between photographer and editor through good communication, samples provided and a healthy open business relationship.)

I find this the most efficeint way that suits both photographer and editor, yes it would be great to have the ability to view raw files at 100% however I have been working like this for a number of years without any problems. As a photographer if you have any concerns with the above I can help you with the process, plus this is a great way to start cataloging your image bank. (Happy to work with original raw files if required, via transfer of hard-drives)

My editing service is limited to a select number of clients based on trust and quality service.