The Thin Red Line Journey

Two friends, a motley crew, and the open ocean!

This is the story of how we made our dreams a reality... we bought a big boat, we are decking it out, and setting off on an adventure of a lifetime with no strings, no plans and no deadlines!

The so very true quotes above from Matt Wall and Paul Fowler, the owners, captains, designers, the inspiration behind "The Thin Red Line Journey" and the reconstructed Faraday Pearl boat. 

I truly wonder sometime "just how did I end up here" one minute in a 4/3 wetsuit, hoodie and booties in New Zealand to being on a boat exploring the Kimberly's, bare footed wearing the same pair of boardies for the last two weeks - its meant to be.

Hard to even justify this one as a job, I was truly inspired by Matt and Paul's view on life, putting everything you have into a vision of complete uncertainty, to put it bluntly - f'ckn going for it, no plan B's. I ask "what's your plans for the boat"? All we want to do is go on a journey, no set plans or destinations and have people come onboard to experience letting go.  

I tend not venture to far from the surf, don't get me wrong I have been in some incredible environments and met amazing people because of the surf photography, but now and then opportunities present themselves which bring other challenges, adventures and really just another way at looking at the big picture.

Cheers: Captain Matt, Big Paulie, Nat, Dutchy and Andre Rerekura for the trip and allowing me to create content on your maiden voyage.

The Thine Red Line Journey: website

Thanks to Camera Electronic and Fujifilm to trial the new GFX medium format, absolutely amazing.

I will be putting new images from the trip in my print gallery: Water Is Freedom (please contact me if you see anything from this blog as a print, the coloured textures shot in medium format will look incredible ).