FUJI XT2 - Trial.

Firstly I would like to thank Kevin Cooper (incredible FujiFilm -X photographer ), FujiFilm Australia and FujiFilm for selecting me to trial the new Fuji XT2, I really appreciate the chance to put the new camera through its paces. 

This is not  a technical review because there is so many great articles already covering the specifications, new features, comparisons etc. etc. check out Ken Rockwell's website for his comprehensive review of the new Fuji camera, one of the best in the business regarding a large range of camera equipment. 

The basic brief from Fujifilm: "We would love for you to supply FujiFilm surf images taken with the new XT2". My first thoughts were no problem at all however I wanted to give them a few images shot from a ski ( no water housing from Aquatech at this stage) so I packed the camera (supplied by Fujifilm)  along with my 50-140mm  in a water proof case and headed out to sea. Conditions were terrible on arrival with lots of spray, side-wash, waves sucking us into the impact zone, normally I wouldn't even risk taking it out of the case but the job had to get done and this camera and lens copped an absolute hammering, I drowned the set up a number of times and I thought to myself there is no way the equipment will get through this, surprisingly everything is working fine today.

The camera performed incredibly well, the focus was fast, image files are very very nice, its the type of camera you can pick up and just get straight into it with all the dials and everything you need right there in front of you, a pocket battle ship ( a little slang for something small and very tough). 

If anyone has some direct questions regarding the XT2 feel free to flick them through and I will be happy to give you a honest answer / opinion, below are some images taken from the ski and land with the XT2 camera along with the 50-140mm / 100-400mm ( love this lens ) and it fits nicely into the FujiFilm lineup I already use which includes the X Pro 2 plus a number of quality lenses.

On a side note, if anyone is in Perth on the 24th of July get down to the Photolive Expo...... I will be doing a small talk along with a number of others that I am looking forward to listening to while trying not to spend to much money on all the amazing equipment on display.