Surf Photography

Become a surf photographer / videographer. – Starting Out

Buy a camera, open up a facebook / insta page and in the very next breath calling yourself a photographer / videographer is not a very good start to the new found career, it’s a bit like going to the hardware purchasing a mitre saw, a few other tools and calling yourself a carpenter, yes you have the tools but no skills to back up your claim. Not taking the time to learn your new found craft but standing on the beach close to the professional who has dedicated his life to his skill set, earning himself a solid reputation for his photo business attitude, shooting for a label/company/magazine only to have “the new guy” poach away (poaching in photography terms can basically be described as showing up, taking photos, and passing them on as a shoot that you set up, bringing nothing to a party is a great old term) with no concerns or communication at all, the seasoned pro is always happy to help out and send some tips to Mr. Sparkling New Camera set to auto but he/she never asks, I need to get “the shot” so I can then give it away for free to see my name in print (I have made it, my name is now out there). I myself could have made this same mistake, I remember well a conversation I had with the Regnard’s about how they can charge so much because of their well earned reputations and that no body new me so I had to get my name out there in the world anyway I could before earning any income. Lucky I took their friendly forth coming advice, I started concentrating more on my work and far less on the fact that I was an unknown, of course I was an unknown, that was never going to change until I started to shoot quality images, taking time to learn the trade including the business / etiquette side of the industry and basically do an apprenticeship, asking questions, carrying camera bags in return for advice, constantly learning which is an on going process, the name and reputation will then follow the quality work, not the reverse. What’s happened now with so many people working for credit, which by the way is their right as the photographer? The general public which includes business owners / newspapers etc etc send emails asking for images with the opening lines “I love that photo you took last week can we please run that image and we will make sure your are credited so people know who you are and you can sell prints” what the f**k are you are charity because I don’t mind giving away images for non-profit organizations? Does everyone in your office work for free? The standard has been set from the above new comer, the Joe Blogg general public are now used to having images given to them which includes all types of usage from advertising to web use. Just a quick side story: last year a want to be photographer (I should name them but wont) told me they were giving away all their images for free to a major corporation that were using images for billboard advertising so people will see his name in lights and from there he can charge for prints and the next big job, that same guy has now sold his gear and works a brain numbing job paying off his camera gear loan, I recently sent him a message all ready knowing the results “Hey mate hope all is well, how did you go with print sales from the billboards” not one email  or request – bingo. Quality people, quality, keep striving for it and the results will follow, cheers to Erick and Ian Regnard for their advice over the years – legends. 

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