Ocean Grown Abalone.

I was pretty happy shooting alongside Andre Rurukura for the latest Ocean Grown Abalone campaign, what an amazing experience photo wise but more so the education I received over the three days, thank you to Brad and his incredible team for the opportunity.  

From The Ocean Grown Abalone Website:  An exciting new Western Australian innovation. We build our own artificial abalone reefs on our leases in the pristine waters of Flinders Bay. We then place hatchery reared juvenile abalone on them – then let nature (with a little help from our divers) do the rest to produce this marine delicacy. A totally natural ‘wild-harvest’ product. Because we have some control of the process we can harvest to market demand to whatever size the market requires.

Photos By Russell Ord & Andre Rurukura.

The Shooters

Great trip the other week, we managed not to donate a car to the Indian Ocean (just), avoided colliding with any dinosaur size marsupials (a touch overstated), the odd engine trouble, a tyre that was determined to come away from the rim, fresh fish for lunch, no humans in sight, jump started the ski, one or two bottles of Margaret Rivers finest and bush t.v, life is good, f'n good.

These are a few photos of the lads going about there incredible work with the odd empty thrown in for good measure.


Darren McCagh (pronounced ma_kay) on video from Farm House Films. 

Andrew Semark driver + stills photographer: (website)

 More empty wave images can be seen in the print gallery - click on this link not only to view but to purchase an image for every member of your family, ok half of them is fine....

Equipment used:

Aquatech  |  Fujifilm  (XT2)  |  Edwards Wine  (used well).