Ashleigh & Rhys

The wedding of Ashleigh & Rhys 

Rhys and Ashleigh_Photo Ord-63.jpg

Location: - Mudbrick Vineyard,  Waiheke Island

Hair Stylist: Jules Arlove - Hair On Waiheke.

Make-up Artist: Amy Crawford

Florist: Wildflower Waiheke

Photography: Russell Ord & Jim Culley

Celebrant: Irene Armstrong

Music/Band: Pat For President


Sarah & Tristan

The wedding of Sarah & Tristan - Waiheke Island

Location: Passrock Wines

Hair Stylist: Annette Olive - About a girl

Make-up Artist: Trudy Van Zyl - About You

Photographers: Russell Ord / Jim Culley


Well, you spend two years planning the move, crossing the T's and dotting the I's and nothing (major) goes to plan. Photography wise, I felt like I was extremely busy in Margaret River, my own brand focusing on surf photography along with Elements Margaret River and finishing the documentary One Shot there was no real time in between or need to come up with ideas / plans for future work during that period.

We knew the move to NZ was going to take time to establish business, its basically starting from scratch, the goals we had in place were certainly achievable in the time frames we set, its when those time frames shrink in size dramatically (think half, half that again and why not half that again) for unforeseen reasons that's when you start to question your initial plan. If I feel like I am not on the go 24/7 (to much thinking time) it becomes that battle of "why this", "why that", versus "this journey is going far better than I thought". Re-assess the goals and in between jobs keep creative, keep learning and turn that first so called thought of disadvantage into a positive action, its a constant inner battle in my photographic world. 

I am writing this little piece because this is the truth behind my work and business and a guide to whats real for me, the sugar coating / perception of social media (yes I use it also) is 99% of time the very best of everyone, incredible jobs, always on an adventure, look at this, I don't have a care in the world, look at all my sponsors  etc etc, be inspired for what it is and move on. To be a better me in all aspects of my photographic life I only ever compare myself to my past self, the worst thing in my eyes that you can do, is compare what you are doing with your work with others especially that perception of social media (it's bullshit, its the very best of people, me included), focus on yourself and what it takes personally to grow and all the rest will fall into place.

Below are a few images from the jobs (Rankers NZ) I have had in New Zealand (remember that word perception),  I actually need to be doing much more than this to sustain a living from my work however when I compare my first three months in NZ to my last three months, its looking far better and we are making great progress plus meeting incredible people. ( All shot on FujiFilm)